About Derek


Derek Wiseman

As a lifelong practitioner of health and fitness, Derek grew up playing soccer, hockey, baseball, tennis, volleyball and basketball. At university, he received a diploma in Physical Ed while earning all-conference honours on the basketball court. During this time, his love of the weight room continued to grow. For the next 15 years, he devoted himself to learning everything he possibly could about weight training, proper nutrition and the bodybuilding lifestyle. Eventually, Derek also studied muay thai kickboxing to try something new. It first began as a means of cross training and learning new training techniques, but quickly it became a competitive pursuit.

Derek believes that a sound workout regimen consists of a variety of styles and methods and utilizes not only conventional weight training but also aspects of martial arts, yoga, Pilates and others which make up a more well rounded, holistic approach.


“When I started training with Evolution I was tired of being out of shape and not having enough energy. I had never worked out before and was pretty intimidated at first. Fortunately, Derek really eased me comfortably into training and I quickly became more and more comfortable. Now I really look forward to my workouts and enjoy the friendly faces and sense the community the gym offers. I’m really happy w my progress and cant wait to keep dropping dress sizes!”
Sandie Wilson ~ Executive Assistant

“As a long time competitive wrestler and now amateur MMA fighter, I stay in top shape and have been through many types of hard workouts over the years. When I began training with Evolution, I was not only pushed hard but taught things that I had never seen before and gained new levels of strength. As a fighter, adding strength without adding muscle weight has helped me feel more and more dominant in my weight class”
Mike Crisp ~ Mixed Martial Artist

“I have always been active outdoors including being an avid runner. Occasionally I’d use the gym in my building but I found that I wasnt seeing any results for the time I spent on my weight workouts. I started working out with Derek in Oct 2012. I’ve gained lean muscle which I feel has helped with my running performance and has also made me more resistant to over-use injury. I’m also engaging muscle groups more appropriately in simple tasks like moving heavy furniture and boxes. Overall… its the best thing I’ve done for my fitness in a long time.”Andrea Kennedy ~ Skin Care Specialist