Groundwork Athletics Inc Personal Training – Our Downtown Vancouver Gym location

At Groundwork Athletics it’s just you and your personal trainer. The gym is conveniently located in Downtown Vancouver on Granville Street near Georgia St (Hwy 1)

Groundwork was founded by Don Bula and Troy Dalton, both who are personal trainers and athlete strength & conditioning specialists who believe that life is athletic pursuit which why this small gym tucked under Granville Street is a great fit for Evolution Personal Training clients. The personal training gym is equipped with everything we need to deliver well rounded and varied workouts.

Groundwork is built on a strong foundation of training athletes and focusing on athletic body movements to improve quickness, agility, balance, strength, and core stability. The atmosphere is casual enough that you’re comfortable but everyone is working hard and staying focused. Everyone at Evolution enjoys the fun, positive, and rewarding environment.

Give us a call to come down to check out the facility and talk about your training and fitness goals.

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#10-736 Granville St.
Vancouver BC
V6Z 1G3