one-on-one-trainingOne-on-one Personal Training

Are you tired of making minimal or no progress in the gym? Bored of your same old routine? Perhaps you are looking to take your sport to the next level? You deserve a custom workout that is tailored to meet your exact needs. No two people are exactly alike, so neither should their workouts be! Your goals, interests, schedule, physical abilities are just some of the things we consider when designing your training blueprint.

With personalized training, you benefit from:

  • a functional movement screen
  • workout based on results of assessment and other factors
  • continuing program changes to further progress.


partner-training copyDoubles Personal Training

Taking on new challenges can be easier and more rewarding with the encouragement of a friend. Training with a partner can help you stretch your dollar or have more quality time with a loved one. Teaming up can be a great way to stay accountable, on-track, and have more fun with your workout. Starting a new, healthy lifestyle can be challenging, but with someone else in your corner you can achieve things you didn’t think possible.


Intro Package

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